Sussex Shadow Police & Crime Commissioners (SSPCC) 


Following Katy Bourne's election victory as Sussex's first Police and Crime Commissioner, Matt Taylor and David Joe Neilson, anti-corruption candidates in the PCC elections, have joined forces to create the Federation of Shadow Police and Crime Commissioners.

Matt Taylor explains, 'In the same way that Katy Bourne's job is to hold the Chief Constable to account, as Shadow Police and Crime Commissioners, we'll do the same to her.'

David Joe Neilson asks 'What does Katy Bourne intend to do about the murder cover-up of Katrina Taylor in 1996? Will she meet the family of Katrina Taylor to hear their story and answer their questions? The scale of corruption in Sussex Police is so massive it'll shock the country when the truth comes out.'

With a disappointing turnout in Sussex of nearly 16%, Katy Bourne won 30% of the votes in the first round and was forced to go to a second round before securing victory. The statistics reveal she won the PCC election with the support of only 4.8% of the people of Sussex.

'Its with this in mind that David and I have joined forces to ensure Katy Bourne lives up to her Oath of Office and listens to all the people, all the time, without fear or favour. As Shadow Police and Crime Commissioners we will analyse her every decision and scrutinise her every action. We will ask the pertinent questions; give praise where it’s deserved and support when it’s needed. We want the office of PCC to work and bring justice to the people of Sussex.

I trust as Shadow Police and Crime Commissioners, we will bring a much needed level of public scrutiny to elected PCC's. We invite all independent candidates across the country to join the Federation and together hold elected PCC's to account.'

Matt Taylor withdrew from the PCC election saying 'I'd be a fool to throw £5000 down the drain'. He now plans to run as a Councillor for the Moulsecoomb and Bevendean wards, before standing as a MP in the 2015 general election.

David Joe Neilson was forced to withdraw from the election after the Chief Constable Martin Richards, refused to release files on him which made his candidacy untenable. He plans to carry on being Britain's most feared whistle-blower and bring justice to the family of murdered Katrina Taylor.

Matt Taylor says, 'Being a candidate in the PCC elections has been a great experience. It’s taken me to another level of politics. I've met lots of interesting people and have moved in circles I otherwise wouldn't. I've learnt the police are under enormous pressures to get it right all the time and have also learnt about the times they don't get it right and have committed crimes to cover-up their own failings. It’s been an eye opener and has speared me on to go further in local politics.

Waging an internet election campaign where he posted daily campaign posters, and mock front news-pages, he soon earned himself a reputation as a maverick.

His stance against police corruption further consolidated his reputation as Ian Chisnall, the third placed candidate says 'I am not sure which part of the election I enjoyed the most, when we were all together and you were talking about sacking Martin Richards to the horror of all present or when your appearance at Sussex University created such an overreaction by Katy and Godfrey.'

Justifying his actions he says 'I've stuck to my principles and promoted my unique brand of MAD politics, because I am MAD about politics.'

Matt Taylor advocated spoiling ballot papers with SOS, calling it Guerrilla Democracy and claims 5 confirmed votes for SOS as his own.

'The job of exposing police corruption and serving the public never ends and I will be at the fore-front of ensuring the people of Sussex get justice from their Police.'

For more information on the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner see

The Results

Katy Bourne, Conservative: 59,635 votes

Godfrey Daniel, Labour: 40,765 votes

Ian Chisnall, Independent: 38,930 votes

Tony Armstrong, UKIP: 29,327 votes

David Rogers, Liberal Democrat: 20,579 votes

Matt Taylor, Unofficial Candidate, claiming: 5,982 spoilt votes (5 confirmed as SOS) 


Matt Taylor speaking at SSDP University Hustings on 31 Oct 2012

The Badger, a Sussex University newspaper, has been exposed for mis-reporting facts to it's readers and sloppy journalism. 

On the 31st October, the Police and Crime Commissioner candidates were invited to a Hustings, at Fulton A building, organised by Will Lawn from the Sussex Student's Drugs Policy society (SSDP). 

Invited were Katy Bourne (Conservative), Godfrey Daniel (Labour), Ian Chisnall (Independent) and Matt Taylor (SOS Party). 

Each were allowed to give a 2 minute speech, before a question and answer session commenced. After complaints from Katy Bourne and Godfrey Daniel, that Matt Taylor wasn't an official candidate, it was agreed that Matt Taylor would be allowed to give a 2 minutes speech and then fore-go a seat on the panel and join the audience for the question and answer session. 

On the 5th page of the 5th of November edition of The Badger, Cat Gough, News Editor, reports the PCC hustings, omitting any mention of Matt Taylor's presence and contribution. 

In an email sent to The Badger editor, Matt Taylor complaints, 'You have lied to your readers and its disgraceful and incomprehensible.' 

'You have literally white-washed my contribution out of existence. Who gives you the right to mis-report living facts? Who authorised this and what do you have to say for yourselves? This is a shocking abuse of journalism.' 

Matt Taylor declared himself as an unofficial Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner candidate, following his refusal to hand over the required £5000 deposit. 

He says 'I'm introducing a new concept into politics called Guerrilla Democracy. Its democracy made easy, where all you need to do is spoil your ballot paper by writing SOS on it.' 

Matt Taylor used his two minutes speech to bring attention to police corruption and the murder cover-up of Katrina Taylor in 1996.   

David Joe Neilson Crime Files

As the main witness in the 1996 murder of Katrina Taylor in Brighton, David Joe Neilson is Britain's most feared whisle-blower. With over 25 years worth of evidence collated with-in the David Joe Neilson Crime Files, 50 police officers and up to 300 government officials are indicted for crimes ranging from murder, attempted murder, fraud, deception, dereliction of duty, intimidation and theft.

The question is...

If it isn't true, then why hasn't 

he be taken to court?

Link to David Joe Neilson Crime Files



Matt Taylor and David Joe Neilson, anti-corruption candidates in the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner elections, have smashed open a police corruption ring in Sussex Police force.

David Joe Neilson has named the killers of Brighton murdered mother, Katrina Taylor and named Sussex Police Chief Constable Martin Richards; guilty of protecting a well-known crime-lord, Mark Slade.

Matt Taylor says “The proof is indisputable and over-whelming and is contained in the Neilson Crime Files.”

He said, “We've cracked it. We have the evidence that proves who killed Katrina Taylor and we have the evidence that proves Chief Constable Martin Richards is a crook.

The Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner elections must be called off, because every candidate standing is implicated in this wide scale corruption of both police and local government in Sussex.

The Jimmy Savile scandal, has shown us that rumour leads to fact. And the long running rumours of corruption in Sussex, have now been proved to be fact.

We have sent the crime files to the media, the IPCC, the Prime Minister and the Queen. If they choose to ignore them, then they will eventually have to explain themselves in a court of Law.

I have won the Police and Crime Commissioner elections by default.

As Police and Crime Commissioner I'll be looking for a new Chief Constable and asking him or her, to reopen a number of murder cases including Katrina Taylor's.

David Joe Neilson will be receiving an 'Outstanding Citizenship' medal for his tireless work in uncovering corruption and I will demand compensation for Mr Neilson, Katrina Taylor's family and all the other victims of police corruption across the decades.

It goes without saying that when the government is corrupt; corruption trickles down to local level. The Neilson Crime files indict up to 50 police officers in the Katrina Taylor murder cover-up and a further 300 local government officials, past and present, of whole-sale corruption in public life.

Its not a matter of convincing anyone anymore. The facts are out and the case is cracked. Sussex is corrupt and we have the evidence to prove it.

I look forward to commencing my new role as Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner and at last, we'll have a clean police force, a more tolerant police force and, within my term of office, the Best Police Force in the country.

No one is above the Law.”  


I had to stop myself handing over the £5000 deposit required to stand in the forth-coming Police and Crime Commissioner elections set for 15th November 2012.

Come on, I'd be a fool to throw £5000 down the drain. I'm not a gambling man and couldn't bank on getting 5% of the vote, to get it back. Bearing in mind Katy Bourne, Godfrey Daniel and Ian Chisnall haven't had to put up their own money, I decided the best thing to do was try another way.

Each candidate was required to hand over 100 signatures and a £5000 deposit (10 times the deposit required to stand as a Member of Parliament), by 19 October 2012.

Five candidates have come forward, Tony Armstrong (UKIP), Katy Bourne (Conservative), Ian Chisnall (Independence), Godfrey Daniel (Labour) and David Rogers (Liberal Democrat).

But I'm not going to let stupid bureaucracy stand in my way of my dream job. Lets remember that even Nick Herbert, the minister who brought through the PCC legislation resigned. Actions speaks louder than words and his resignation says a lot about the state of these elections.

I'm now the unofficial candidate, introducing a new concept into politics called Guerrilla Democracy.

I am always pushing the boundaries and will continue to do so. I want voters to exercise their democratic right to spoil their ballot papers by writing SOS on them.


Standing on an anti-corruption platform I'm calling for the IPCC to investigation claims of police corruption surrounding the 1996 murder of Brighton born Katrina Taylor.

I have crime files which name the killers and indict up to 50 police officers involved in the murder cover-up of Katrina Taylor. As of yet no-one has been brought to justice for Katrina's murder. It's been a voyage of discovery since running in this election and the examples of police corruption uncovered is truly shocking.

With the elections being widely regarded as a waste of public money, and with well known public figures such as the former Met Police Commissioner Ian Blair calling for voters to boycott it. Public confidence in elected Police and Crime Commissioners is widely held with ignorance and indifference.

If elected drugs and prostitution will be low priority crimes, freeing the police to concentrate on other priorities such as theft, domestic abuse and anti-social behaviour.

I would expand the charitable and voluntary sectors in community policing on a scale never before seen. We must face facts that more and more police officers are being taken off the streets, and it's imperative we have systems to fill the void.

I'll be a champion for the police and community in equal measure. And work towards making a cleaner police force, a more tolerant police force and the best police force in the country.

I have the integrity, intelligence and independent to be a great Police and Crime Commissioner, so be brave Sussex and vote for me.

I'm appearing at a Sussex University Hustings on Wednesday 31st October starting at 5pm.  


You won't find my name on the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner ballot papers.

If you want to vote for me as your PCC, spoil your ballot papers by writing SOS on it.

All spoilt papers are counted and if by some miracle there are more spoilt papers than any others, all SOS papers can be counted.


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Dear Matt;

I hope this message finds you well and that you are having a restful and energising weekend.

Please find below the links for two individual hours of the Radio Mernet show of last week. Please feel free to copy and publish the link anywhere you would like.

I would like to thank you again for enlightening our listeners with your answers, opinions and statements.

I very much hope to keep in touch and get together with you all again – maybe a good excuse for another Mediterranean lunch? J

Have a lovely week ahead and all the best for your election campaign.

Best regards,


"I joined the police service because I want to bring criminals to justice and believe no one should be above the Law." 

As a Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate I am calling for an independent police force to reinvestigate the murder of Katrina Taylor, in Brighton on 04 July 2006.

Posted by the Campaign Justice for Katrina, a substantial reward of £100,000 for information concerning her murder, has been pledged.

Joining forces with Katrina Taylor's friends and family, we are calling for an outside force to be called in to reinvestigate her murder and any criminal cover-up which may have occurred.

Katrina Taylor was brutally stabbed to death on the 04 July 2006 in a Brighton grave-yard. After an initial investigation 4 people were charged with her murder at a trial in Lewes Crown Court in 1997. 2 were found not guilty and 2 found guilty. The guilty, later appealed their sentences on 15 October 1998 and got a retrial at the Old Bailey in London during October 1999, where-upon the judge directed that both men be acquitted of murder because of insufficient evidence. To-date, no one has been found responsible for her murder.

David Joe Neilson, also a Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate has conducted an in-depth and comprehensive investigation spanning decades to solve the mystery of who killed Katrina Taylor.

Revealed exclusively on his website, he sets out the questions that need to be answered and names government officials and Sussex Police officers who are alleged to be involved in the subsequent cover-up of her murder.

Anyone with information relating to the murder of Katrina Taylor is encouraged to come forward. 


Dear Mr Taylor

With the elections for Police and Crime Commissioners on 15 November rapidly approaching, I thought it right to bring to your attention that the 3000 serving Sussex Police Officers, together with their families and friends, are likely to form a notable proportion of the electorate. As a candidate for the position, I consider it important to give you the opportunity to comment on some of the issues which are likely to be of interest to those voters.

My email to you reflects my own thoughts and views, and I cannot realistically hope to cover all the points that Police Officers in all of the varied roles, ranks and departments might wish to raise. However, as a serving officer I hope you will agree that I do have an insight into the issues that most concern officers like myself. This email is being sent to every candidate for the Sussex PCC position, and my intention is to consolidate your responses and disseminate them amongst my colleagues, through the Sussex Police Federation.

I hope you will understand and forgive my decision to remain anonymous for the time being.

One final thing before the actual questions; as I am sure you will appreciate, police officers tend to be quite good at realising when we are not being told the truth, and we have little time for evasion of the issue or prevarication. I would strongly advise against what might politely be called 'politician's answers'. I only ask that you get to the point and are truthful, and that your answers reflect what you honestly believe would be best for your electorate and the Police Service, rather than what you believe matches the 'party line' or what you think people want to hear.

Thank you.

  1. There is great emphasis by the Government on the role of PCCs to 'represent the wishes of the community'. Often, the 'local priorities' as set by 'community panels' are often confined to dog fouling, speeding, parking problems, and similar issues. These are obviously of concern, but they do not reflect the true role of the Police in relation to more serious crime and disorder. How will you balance the contrast between what the public want (and will ask you for), and what the public need?

By being transparent and truthful. I won't be afraid to tell it straight. Evil people commit evil acts which the general public would rather close their eyes too, but which the police must deal with. Its a matter of education too. Here is an opportunity for both the community and police, to learn more about the challenges the police face and vice-the-verser. As a PCC, I want to be seen as a bridge between Sussex Police and Sussex communities. And trust my character and style of approach satisfies both parties, fostering the environment where concerns are discussed with confidence and acted upon.

  1. Although you will be responsible to the local electorate for the delivery of local policing, there will be occasions when central Government decisions and policies impact on the ability of the Police to deliver either existing or new services. How will you balance the requirements of Government with the expectations of your electorate, especially when central funding is insufficient to meet new demands?

By trusting my ability to think-out-of-the-box and looking for initiatives from places where other PCC's may not look. Above all else I want my first term in office to be a roaring success; where results are achieved and expectations surpassed. I will not be afraid to ask for help from both the Chief Constable and the Shadow PCC Panel, to make that happen. We all want the best for our family, friends and community and I will work as a team member to honour my pledges as a PCC to the public and achieving the results demanded by central government.

  1. Where do you feel that cuts to the budget of Sussex Police should fall?

Its my understanding the Chief Constable and his team have already met and surpassed their budget cut targets, without the blood-bath so many feared. Of-course I only want cuts which eliminate the wasteful and unnecessary. Other than this, I'm sure I would be in a better position to answer this question, sitting behind my PCC desk with all the facts and figures in front of me. (Two things are for sure... I won't cut Police Officers salaries but will cut PCSOs.)

  1. During this time of budget cuts across the public sector, officers feel that the Police Service is taking on more and more responsibility from other agencies. In particular, there is the feeling that Social Services and Mental Health teams are deliberately using the Police to cover deficiencies in their own service provision. As PCC, what would your response to this be?

STOP and BACK OFF... I am open to the compromise of showing empathy with other agencies and going the extra mile to help. But there is a limit. The delivery of a first class policing service is paramount. By standing up for Sussex police in ways the Chief Constable could not, I'll be able to fight for the interests of the Police from a different direction. I'm confident the interests of the Police Service can be protected without sacrifice.

  1. The two parts of the Winsor Report have raised much comment regarding the wide-ranging changes to the Police Service, and to the conditions of service of Officers, that they recommend. Is there any part of the Winsor Reports with which you disagree?

I confess I haven't read this report and wasn't aware of its existence before I read this question. After a minimal amount of research, I'm aware the rank and file of police officers across the country disagree with the Winsor Reports. Just the fact that a civilian had been tasked by the Home Secretary to tell professional policemen how to do their job, causes me concern. Political meddling always ends in disaster and I will read this report in depth to get a clear picture of whats going on.

  1. It is fair to say that morale within the lower ranks of the Police Service is particularly low at present. However, Officers still regularly work 'above and beyond' on the basis of what is called 'goodwill', and there is the impression that the day-to-day work of the Police Service would be substantially impaired if this 'goodwill' were to be withdrawn. How will you maintain this level of goodwill among Officers, when there is the feeling that it is no longer being recognised and appreciated by senior officers, politicians and the media?

    Luncheon Vouchers for police officers and their families is a simple and effective way to show goodwill and reward them for going 'above and beyond' the call of duty. Gestures of Goodwill can be big and small. I want to raise moral in Sussex police by backing winners. Backing the good police officers who go beyond the call of duty, because they are great and greatness should be rewarded. I will badger the Chief Constable to promote good police officers and sack the bad. Only by rewarding good practice and cutting the bad, will Sussex Police force be the best in the country.

  1. Sussex Police has recently made the decision to issue Taser to a higher percentage of front-line uniformed officers, and specifically non-Firearms trained officers. What is your position on the issue of Taser to all frontline officers?

NO, I don't like Taser. I will represent the interests of police and the community and would rather a broken bone than a fatal heart attack. I call for the ban of Taser weapons being used against the public and alternative measures of defence be explored.

  1. There is regular, considerable criticism in the media of decisions made and actions taken, by individual officers, either in the context of public order situations or in wider investigations. Officers often feel that they are not sufficiently supported publicly for decisions which are made in good faith, often in dynamic and stressful circumstances. As a prospective PCC, what is your position on voicing public support for the officers under your responsibility?

I once stood in front of a baying crowd of Smash EDO supporters and defended the actions of the police, by saying “Give the police a break, when you're faced with HATE all day, its human nature to thrown it straight back.” I promptly got booed and pushed aside but I stand by my words. I love the police and will defend them with my life. Its important police officers are treated in the manner they deserve and that the community are treated the same.

  1. In a similar way, officers feel that the Police are wrongly criticised for the failings of other parts of the Criminal Justice System, particularly the CPS, Probation Service and the Courts. As PCC, you will have no responsibility for these departments. How will you ensure that the Police are treated fairly when this situation arises?

Educate. I'll make it my duty to educate the community about the Criminal Justice System and how it works. I will visit community centres and schools through-out Sussex and explain the processes of Law and Order. I will be a visible PCC, who's ready to travel to any part of Sussex at a moment's notice, to tackle problems and answer questions face-to-face.

  1. It has recently been announced that PCCs will be required to swear an oath of impartiality. Will you please give your view on whether membership of a political party is compatible with this oath?

You can check out my Swearing of the Oath at Fun aside, I expect the oath is not compatible with impartiality because the temptation to influence, from either fear or favour, is too much from a candidate who's fame and fortune is dependant on membership of a political party.

  1. On 29th June 2010, Theresa May said to the Police: “Your job is nothing more, and nothing less, than to cut crime”. Will you please explain your view of the Home Secretary’s statement?

She expects PCC's to decide upon what crime cutting private services to take on. The secret is out that the public are now the customers and the police are the providers. The process of privatisation has already begun and the PCC elections are part of the ultimate plan along that path.

  1. What is your view on the relevance of the 'Office of Constable' in the modern world?

The 'Office of Constable' is even more relevant, than any other time in history. We are facing an immediate future of friction between government and people, with the police in the middle. The police swear an Oath of Allegiance to the Monarch, just as I once did when I joined the RMP. This is to ensure separation of power from political influence. I like to see 'The Office of Constable' as the Police's Covenant with the Public (PCP). Lets remember; each police officer carries the burden of their personal liability for their actions or inaction. As a PCC, I will help the Police make the right actions.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to answer these questions. I look forward to your feed-back. I love the police and relish the opportunity of helping to shape its future. I joined the police service because I want to bring criminals to justice and believe no one should be above the Law. I hope these answers will help you vote for me as Sussex's first Police and Crime Commissioner on the 15th November 2012.

I will be attending Hustings at the following venues on dates and times shown; all will finish at 9.00pm. Thursday 27th September, Arundel Town Hall, doors open at 1900 starting at 1930. Monday 1st October, Heathfield Community Centre, doors open at 1900 starting at 1930. Tuesday 2nd October, in Martlets Hall, Burgesss Hill, doors open at 1900 starting at 1930 and on Friday 5th October, Battle Memorial Hall, doors open at 1915 starting at 1945. 

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate, David Neilson has launched a scathing attack on Sussex Police and Council members accusing them of outright corruption, murder cover-up and criminal liaison.

Revealed on damning websites released to local and national press agencies, David Neilson says Norman Baker MP, Des Turner MP and Simon Kirby MP (amongst many more) liaised with criminals in the wholesale cover-up of the brutal murder of Katrina Taylor, in a Brighton grave-yard in 1996 and the cover-up of the death of undercover journalist, Nicolas Gargani, in 1996.

Britain’s most hated whistleblower, alleges he has evidence and over 300 hours of taped conversations which indicts members of the Sussex Police, Sussex Police Authority and local MPS, past and present, of systematic corruption, criminal liaison and cover up of serious crime, including murder, fraud and theft.

He goes further to accuse various personalities in Sussex Police, namely Chief Constable Martin Richards, of coveringup crimes committed by the Preddy Group fraudster Mark Slade.

David Neilson, who is standing in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections on 15 November 2012, has led an eventful life. Being one of the first men to explore the water ways of the Amazon, he became a victim of police corruption leading up to and through Katrina Taylor’s murder investigation.

Considered by many to be a thorn in the side of Sussex Police and Sussex Councils, he has pledged his determination to expose corruption where he finds it.

To find out more about David’s election campaign and what he’d do if he won the Police and Crime Commissioner Election, go to his website at 


With only 4 months to go before elections on 15th November 2012, we (Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner candidates) must act now to let the public know these elections are happening. After all, they mark the biggest change to policing in 50 years and they should be aware how its going to effect us all.”

With an eclectic mix of candidates, with histories as local councillors, police authority members, military officers, business people, independents and social change advocates, are are all vying for the role, which offers whooping £85,000 per year wage.

Amongst many, the Labour party in Sussex have declared Cllr Godfrey Daniels (Hastings councillor and Sussex Police Authority member,) as their chosen candidate, with the Conservative party choosing Katy Bourne (School governor and district councillor). Other candidates include, Colin Field (Funeral Director, Magistrate and former High Sheriff of West Sussex), Andrew Smith (Liberal Democrat), Ian Chisnall (independent street pastor), Nigel Goodyear (Eastbourne Tory Councillor)and David Neilson (victim of police corruption and cover-up).

We (the candidates) have a responsibility to the public to get together and organise a county-wide tour, where we can explain what the role of Police and Crime Commissioner is, how we are each the best person for the role and the Supplementary Voting (SV) system being used to decide the winner.”The Electoral Commission has set the election spending limit for Sussex at £219,983. With the prospect of a secured term of 4 years and a mandate to tackle crime, you can bet the candidates are going to use all the tricks in the book to win.

If you ask me whether I've got the spending power to match the Conservative and Labour parties, I'd answer:

I'm campaigning over the internet with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube, but the internet reaches only so many people. Now is the time to get out and meet the public face-to-face. I'm going to need a miracle to win this election and the public votes are the miracles I need.

About the other candidates? 

Of course, everyone wants a fair and open election. I'm not going to sling any mud at anyone. Though I am going to keep true to my values and speak out against another candidate's policies if need be. Above all else, 

I want to wish everyone luck and may the best man or woman win.

I need a miracle to win the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Elections on November 15th 2012.
The electoral Commission has set the spending limit for the elections at nearly £220,000, which means this is how much you’ve got to spend to win it. I’m sure the big political parties are used to spending this amount of money, but £220K is too much, even for me.
With only four months to go before the first Police and Commissioner elections of their kind in England and Wales, the candidates are lining up to submit their 100 signatures and £5000 deposit by the 19 October deadline.

The new Police and Crime commissioners will have the power to set budgets and to hire and fire chief constables. They will step into the new posts – which carry a salary of between £65,000 and £100,000 – at a time of great upheaval for the police service which faces cuts to staffing because of the Government's austerity drive.

The Home Secretary, Theresa May has recently voiced her concerns, complaining that the elections look set to be fought out between unremarkable party stalwarts, including former police authority members, ministers and MPs.

One Whitehall source admitted: "The policy is in disarray. There is a chance it will be a damp squib."

I want to bring this election alive and show there is a new breed of leaders waiting in the wings ready to take power and change the status quo. I'm going for it, because I believe in miracles. 

I’ve released a booklet; FREE to download, which sets out what I stand for and what I plan to do. I’ve got a lot to say and a lot to explain about the role of Police and Crime Commissioner and the Supplementary voting (SV) system.

I’m going for it because I think it’s important to bring in new blood, to help direct the future of Sussex police. Nobody wants to see a continuation of the same old faces from the old police authority, county council and MP’s, moving over to what should be a fresh start with new directions. 

I’m the only candidate who is fighting this election on an anti-corruption platform, and with the Chief Constable of Sussex, Martin Richardson facing misconduct charges, it makes sense to have an anti-corruption candidate right in the centre of power. 

Remember, if I don’t win, someone less scrupulous than me will, but whether I bring a smile to Mrs May’s face, is anyone’s guess. 

Since running for the office of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner I have opened my ears and listened to what people have to say.Other than discovering that no one is aware of the November 15th Elections across the nation, I have heard a lot about police corruption

Cover-ups, wrongful arrests, ill treatments, criminal partnerships, Masonic handshakes and satanic connections; the list goes on and on. 
Law-abiding people who have had foul smelling materials dumped on them from a great height, only to be ridiculed, ignored and maltreated when they stand above the parapets to high-light their grievances.
These men and women are heroes in my opinion. They haven't looked for trouble but instead have had trouble come to them. Each one has a story to tell and evidence in abundance to validate their claims. Each would claim that Sussex police is riddled with corruption. And on the basis of what I've learned, I would have to agree.

On the surface many people dismiss these examples as little details. But isn't it true that someone who lies about the little things will lie about the big things too. 

If the police lie about a mentally ill man being stabbed with an 8” kitchen knife, they are just as likely to lie about a secret death squad operating in the Sussex county.

'Ridiculous' I hear you say. 'Not so,' I'm afraid to say and you should be too... 

Scratch the surface and you will come across such websites as, and

Each set out in clear and precise language many examples of police corruption, naming the persons involved. As of yet no legal actions have been brought against these persons which implies they aren't doing so because they can't disprove the allegations against them.

In answer to this, the persons named maintain their silence with the customary response of 'No Comment.'

Whoever is voted as Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex will have to address these allegations. It’s acknowledged that the duties of the role are to act as the bridge between the community and the Chief Constable. To deal with the public’s complaints and if need be, sack the Chief Constable if the need arises.

In these times of strife and change for the public and the police, any Sussex Police Commissioner must stand fast and protect the community from criminal actions of the police, whilst at the same time supporting the many excellent officers of whom we are justly proud.

It is with this in mind, I am standing as the Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex on an anti-corruption platform. The corruption of any public body is an affront to law-abiding citizens and the corruption of the police is even more perverse and deplorable.

If I don't win, someone less scrupulous than me will...   


As your Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex I will initiate a number of projects which will restore the public’s faith in their police force. Projects which will build strong relationships with the police and the community they serve. 


Citizen on Patrol Units (C.O.P) based on US/Canadian models.

Made up of volunteers from the community, they will have the full support of Sussex Police but without the powers of arrest.

I will aim to create 70 units across Sussex, amounting to about 1800 volunteers, devoting 135,000 hours per year.

These police volunteers will be brought together from all walks of life, ages and backgrounds. Each patrol will be identified by a simple uniform, made up of patrols of two. Training and equipment will be provided by Sussex police and the £30 criminal record search will be waived for all C.O.P volunteers.

Each volunteer will devote shifts of 2-3 hours once a week. They will be community minded, nice people, positive role models, keeping their families and neighbourhoods safe.

As a Police Chief from America told me, ’That’s a great deal of ”eyes and ears” time that can assist the police to solve problems, as well as freeing their time to work on more serious issues.’


I will create an Elite Anti-Corruption Unit (A.C.U), made up of the best police officers in Sussex and my old buddies from the Royal Military Police. The unit will be mandated to investigate corrupt MP’s, Council members and police officers. They will be armed if need be, and answer only to me. I will introduce Computer Stress Voice analysis (C.V.S.A) as a tool against corruption. I will commend good police officers, attracting them from across the nation.

I will not hesitate to sack the Chief Constable at the first whiff of corruption. 


A new complaints system, called Complaints Against Sussex Police (C.A.S.P), it will be totally transparent and used to clean up the corruption in Sussex Police and Sussex Police Authority. The Sussex Police Professional Standards will be disbanded. Complaint forms will be accessible on-line and via police stations and council offices. All interviews with police officers and complainants will be videoed to ensure total transparency. People will still be able to log complaints via the I.P.C.C but considering their track record, I doubt if many people will.


I'm your Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex because I exposed the CORRUPTION in Sussex Police.

Take the case of PC Stuart Cameron who claimed an OAP stabbed him in his chest with an 8” kitchen knife.

If it wasn’t for his anti-stab vest he would died.

It is every police officer’s nightmare to have to deal with someone with a bladed weapon in a confined space,” PC Cameron is quoted as saying.

He’s since been nominated for the Argus Achievement of the Year award for bravery, and has been promoted to the head of the Anti-Victimisation department on the back of the above incident.

See the Evening Argus story here.

Upon further inspection:

No cut into the vest has ever been found.

The OAP never confessed and transpires to suffer from a mental illness.

The case was dropped by the CPS for lack of evidence.

See the Evening Argus story here.

I call on Sussex Police to reprimand PC Cameron immediately and order him to apologise unreservenly to the OAP in question.

As your Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex I will not tolerate any kind of Police corruption, big or small and I'll sack any Chief Constable at the first whiff of corruption.

For the full story of his spectacular case of CORRUPTION inside Sussex Police, check out the website.


About Police & Crime Commissioners

On 15 November 2012, for the first time ever, the public across Sussex elected Matt Taylor as their Police and Crime Commissioner, who will be accountable for how crime is tackled in their police force areas..

Matt Taylor, Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) will aim to cut crime and deliver an effective and efficient police service within the Sussex force area.

To provide stronger and more transparent accountability of the police, Matt Taylor, elected by the public will hold chief constables and the force to account; effectively making the police answerable to the communities he serves.

Matt Taylor will ensure community needs are met as effectively as possible, and will improve local relationships through building confidence and restoring trust. They will also work in partnership across a range of agencies at local and national level to ensure there is a unified approach to preventing and reducing crime.

Matt Taylor will not be expected to run the police. His role is to be the voice of the people and hold the police to account.

Check out the Home Office website 

Police and Crime Commissioner website

Following the historic election on November 15, 2012, as the Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex, Matt Taylor reports his three point plan to tackle crime in Sussex.
By implanting dangerous criminals with a microchips, Sussex Police will be able to tackle crime with a revolutionary crime busting tool. With the minimum of monitoring, Sussex Police would know the location of every criminal in Sussex. Placing a suspect at the scene, goes along way to cracking the crime.
It's a small price to pay for getting extra benefits in the long term. Burglaries, muggings, theft, fraud will all be significantly reduced, reflecting free and legal drug distribution. The medical benefits can rock the pharmaceutical industry to the core. Curing Cancer and many other ailments.
Getting back to basics, more police. The role of a police officer is to prevent crime, to detect crime and ultimately to punish those who commit crime. A happy compliant Sussex will reward the police with the respect and esteem they need to really be part of the community. 



“Thank you for voting me to be your Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex. It’s a honour and privilege to work on your behalf.

Above all else I want to impress upon you all that I will work unceasingly to bring the police to account.

Let us not forget that during these times of strive, rebellion and uncertainly, confrontation with the police will increase more and more. 

It’s in the spirit of Brighton, that the people of Sussex have entrusted me with this most important of duties to ensure the police live up to their responsibilities and never cross the line into brutality and corruption.

Make no mistake I will hold Sussex Police to account. Make no mistake I will insist on transparency and make no mistake, I will ensure Sussex Police are forever more, efficient and effective in everything they do.

And of-course it goes both ways. I’m here to build the best relations with the police. I will be working alongside the Chief Constable to ensure we have a harmonious and respectful union. The police are here to protect and serve the people of Sussex and together, we will make sure they have all the help to make this happen.

Thank you all for choosing me above and beyond the candidates put forward by the Labour, Conservative, Liberal and independent parties.

Most MPs thought the policy of elected PCCs was bonkers. But they recognized the elections had to be contested and felt obliged to do so.

They meant well but sadly were fatally flawed from the onset.

By having a politician from a political party as a PCC immediately puts them in a difficult position.

Does the party line still apply? Whose interests do they really have in mind?

Thankfully with my victory, all these worries are banished.

Thankfully due to the forward thinking of the Sussex voters, we have a chance to demonstrate a new way of thinking. 

Let me assure you each and everyone who voted for me.

Your vote was worth it. You’ve got the BEST MAN for the JOB and I intent to START straight away to bring you the best the POLICE have to OFFER.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.” 

Matt Taylor wins Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner election

SOS Party independent candidate takes the first ever PCC Sussex seat with landslide majority, claiming 'the most sensational victory in Sussex political history'

Matt Taylor the leading figure in the SOS Party, has grabbed a remarkable victory in the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner election, claiming that "By the grace of God, I have won the most sensational victory in Sussex political history".

It appeared that the counties voters had decamped from the traditional political parties en masse to Taylor’s call to hold Sussex Police to account, making sure they are transparent, effective and efficient, in the way they police, protect and serve.

On a turnout of 60%, conservative candidates Paul Dendle, Steve Waight and Peter Jones. Labour's candidate Paul Richards, and other independent candidates Ian Chisnall, Phillip Jones and Anthony Kimber were left shellshocked, crushed by a 55% swing to The SOS Party that saw Taylor take the Commissioners seat with a landslide majority.

It marks an extraordinary personal and political break-thru for the controversial politician who leads his one-man-political SOS Party, appearing to confirm that the remainder of his career would lie in serving the public and building good relations with the Police.

It is also a bitter blow to David Cameron, who championed the PCC’s, even with considerable objections of all MP’s across the parties ‘not to mend something that isn’t broke.’  He’s being criticized today for not seeing the threat posed by rogue personalities until too late.

The result raises wider questions over whether the result is a simple one-off reflecting Taylor's personal charisma, or instead a sign of a wider detachment from mainstream party politics.

Hailing his triumph before the official result was announced, Taylor said: "By the grace of God, I have won the most sensational victory in Sussex political history … Let us not forget that during these times of strive, rebellion and uncertainly, confrontation with the police will inevitably increase. It’s in the spirit of Brighton, that the people of Sussex have entrusted me with this most important of duties to ensure the police live up to their responsibilities and never cross the line into brutality and corruption. Your vote was worth it. I am the BEST MAN for the JOB and I intent to START straight away to bring you the best the POLICE have to OFFER. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Politicians, Police Chiefs and officials were privately conceding defeat long before the official result which came at 2.30am on Friday morning.

Taylor claimed the path to his victory went back to ‘civil liberties snatched from the law abiding citizen following the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and 7/7, and the police brutality dished out against protesters during peaceful marches.’

He added that the police and politicians hadn’t won the argument on civil liberties, ‘we don’t mind doing our bit for Queen and country, but we must say no when we watch our Great Britain slowly turned into a police state, where-in the police care more about Statute Law, than Common Law. The big political parties have had a very salutary lesson, and I hope they take note.’

Taylor said: "A new wave of thinking is sweeping across the nation. A new breed of political leadership have been waiting patiently in the wings, bidding our time and watching established political leaders hang themselves with their own ropes. Our time in now. We are stepping out and being counted." 

Taylor, a former Royal Military Policeman MP, had previously shown his formidable ability to galvanize public opinion by holding a highly successful 1,000-strong rally, winning the support of some leading community figures.

Taylor distributed letters insisting that he cared passionately about Law and Order, joking that while growing up as a kid without a father, he pretended Judge Dredd was his dad and hence forth developed a great affiliation with Law which would treat him fairly in the Commissioners role. He promising he would keep the Police in check, that no-one is above the law, especially the officers tasked to up-hold it.

The result represents an extraordinary new chapter for Taylor personally. He was initially a RMP and later a contract weed killer, before becoming a businessman in November 2008 and building his political presence across the web.

Full result

Matt Taylor (The SOS Party) 190,341

Katy Bourne (Conservative) 134

Godfrey Daniels (Labour) 133

Peter Jones (Conservative) WITHDRAWN

Paul Richards (Labour) WITHDRAWN

Ian Chisnall (Independant) 107

Anthony Kimber (Independent) WITHDRAWN

(By clicking on each name you will be directed to their individual websites.


"I am rooting for you Matt all the way come on." Alison Paginton, Wales

"Well done, Taylor. All the very best of luck in your fight against the 'dark forces.' Very few have the balls to do it, you have my vote and support." John Paterson, Seaford

"Good Luck Matt, anyone prepared to take on police corruption deserves serious consideration for Police Commissioner." -- Mike Coughtrey, Brighton


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